Growing up with her dad in the Australian Navy, Erika tended to move around a bit—actually, more than a bit: fourteen different schools to be precise. Unfazed, she quickly developed a chameleon-like ability to adapt, survive and thrive as one of the fittest in the schoolyard’s process of natural selection. It was inevitable then that she should evolve into being one of Australia’s most popular, resilient and multi-faceted entertainers.


Erika’s natural beauty, sharp mind and inherited gift of the gab, garnered her early success as a much sought-after fashion model. But the catwalk proved too narrow for Erika’s ambitions and she soon found herself broadcast across the country as the host of the primetime television series Body & Soul, Hot House, Australia’s Next Top Model & most recently Habitus House of the Year. 


As if success in two cutthroat arenas wasn’t enough, Erika put everything on the line and entered a television singing competition, It Takes Two. Not only did she win, she scored a deal with EMI Music Australia to record her first album, Sweeter Side, and the following year she became the show’s co-host.


Erika then decided to add yet another string to her bow—actress. Combining her gifts for storytelling, shapeshifting and belting out a tune, Erika received major accolades for her scene-stealing performances in major roles of the musical theatre productions of Singin’ In The Rain, Legally Blonde and The Rocky Horror Show. She also nailed dramatic parts in Australia’s highest rating, long-running drama, Home & Away; an award-winning cinematic game release from Sony PlayStation, L.A. Noire; and the feature films Gabriel and Mad Max: Fury Road.


Erika’s talent for making ‘triple threats’ look like hacks, continues to keep her very much in demand as an MC and brand ambassador for high-end clients such as TAG Heuer, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jaguar, Deutche Bank, and NIKE. She also remains a favourite as a voice-over artist, model, and media figure.


The continued success Erika enjoys is something she doesn’t take for granted. She gives back as much as she has received, supporting a wide range of charities and causes, including the AIDS Trust and RSPCA, as well as entertaining Australian troops and multinational peacekeeping forces stationed in Egypt’s Sinai Desert.


At the end of the day, the roles Erika considers most fulfilling are those that come with no applause or awards: wife to husband, Andrew, and mother to Charlie, who at three months, was already accompanying Erika on her professional adventures. Surrounded by such creativity, diversity and determination, it’s fair to say that he’s unlikely to grow up to be an accountant.