‘The Family Law’ returns for a third and final season

In 2016, 'The Family Law' made TV history as the first ever show with an Asian-Australian family as leads. In January 2019, it makes history again: as Australia’s first ever TV comedy about teen sexuality. In Series 3, the Laws confronts new realities about growing up – navigating the world of adult romance; defining what it means to become a man – with hilarity and horror in equal measure.

Everyone’s favourite Chinese-Australian family are set to return in the award-winning series, The Family Law. As Jenny dives headfirst into the giddy world of new romance, a mildly terrified Benjamin delves into the heady world of booze-drenched teen parties and unwanted sexual attraction, before finally facing up to some hard truths about himself and his sexuality. Erika features in the series once again as Dianne.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content Marshall Heald said:

“I’ve always loved this series and have been so personally and professionally proud to be associated with it. Season three has more depth, and the characters are incredibly rounded and authentic. It’s warm and funny – sometimes bittersweet – but most importantly, there are real human hearts beating throughout. I feel like I’ve seen this family grow up and they’re very dear to me. I’m laughing with them, never at them.

“I know an enormous amount of love and effort went into making the show be so beautiful and heart-warming. It’s also a real triumph for diversity on screen – under-represented faces and voices but defiantly Australian in every regard.”

Creator and co-writer Benjamin Law said:

“We’re so proud of how The Family Law broke ground in showcasing an Asian-Australian family in TV comedy with season one. Given ongoing debates around youth sexuality and gender identity in Australia right now, we’re especially proud season three will look at these issues head-on. We think it’s our best – and funniest – season yet.”

Based on Benjamin Law’s hit memoir of the same name, the critically acclaimed first season was awarded ‘Best Casting in a TV Comedy (Casting Guild of Australia)’ and ‘Comedy Series Production of the Year (SPA Award)’ – it also earned two AACTA nominations.

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