WOMEN & POWER March 2020 Speaker International Women's Day

Every year, Australia hosts IWD events around the country representing celebrating women’s achievements and discuss actions needed to continue accelerating gender equality. This year Erika was invited to be a guest speaker at one of these prestigious events.

Erika was thrilled to get the chance to speak on the theme of Women and Power, seeing it as "a rich opportunity to tell our stories & proudly acknowledge the contributions of women all over the world who have bravely paved the way for us."

During her presentation, she chose to speak from a deeply personal perspective. "I’d like to speak about my experience of power, personally & professionally. Times I’ve felt empowered, disempowered, times when I’ve given my power away, how I’ve reclaimed it, and what my sources of power are now."

She received fantastic feedback from those who attended, roused by her closing call to action. -

"It’s an exciting time of great change, and you should know that we all play a part of something bigger and long lasting. Speak up, and encourage others to do the same. Talking transforms minds which can transform behaviours. Let’s give the next generation a strong, clear voice so that they can be courageous in their quest for equality, let’s ensure that their voices transcend. International Women’s Day marks a call to action. We get to decide what our legacy will be. Rise up and claim your power!"

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