WOMENS WAVE 2019 Erika Heynatz Announced as Women’s March Sydney Ambassador

On Sunday 20th January 2019 Sydneysiders marched together in solidarity to draw attention to the national epidemic of violence against women as part of the 3rd annual Global Women’s March. The third annual global Women’s March event, #WomensWave to draw attention to and to demand the Australian government address gender-based violence with immediate and definitive action.

Sydney’s Women’s March joined sister marches in major cities around Australia and globally in London, Stockholm, Rome, Barcelona and Canada. The first Women’s March two years ago saw 5 million women and allies across the world join in solidarity. At the first official march in Sydney in 2017, 10,000 people walked through the CBD. At the second anniversary event #Unbroken thousands of women and their allies formed a human chain to show they were still standing strong.

“Our mission is to address the crisis that is Australia’s culture of violence against women. It is rooted in a widespread cultural acceptance that the values, roles and rights of women are lesser than those of men. It is time to change this culture so that the next generation of women can live their lives to their fullest potential; free from intimidation, harassment and violence.” said Women’s March Sydney Lead Organiser Meagan Date

“Women’s March seeks to unite and empower women in pursuit of a more equitable world and advocates for the health, economic security, representation and safety of women,” said Director of Women’s March Global Community Uma Mishra-Newbery.

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